I'm Billy, an artist and creative technologist.
I create a wide range of art work, develop a variety of embedded and interactive web applications and spend a lot of my time designing and building functional, physical and electronic objects for museums, science centers, theaters, television, commercial projects and private installations. I also shoot photography and produce video and motion graphic projects for museums. Scroll down for a little back story or check out my resume and portfolio above for more info.



I'm obsessed with making art and building things. Anything and everything. I plan, draw, design and bring things to life.

This includes: Everything you see here on billytheschmidt.com, various software, hardware, interactive exhibits, gardens, weather instruments, cabinets, chairs, bathrooms, laminar flow hoods, cnc routers, small buildings and more. I specialize in innovation and smart iteration and love designing and prototyping new, interesting, beautiful, challenging and weird things that don't easily fit inside the box.

I spent the last 10 years living on the west coast and for 9 of those years based in San Diego, CA. 5 of those years I spent as the exhibits and operations director at San Diego Children's Discovery Museum and the rest of the time I worked as an on-call exhibit and interactive designer, creative technologist and artistic consultant all over Southern California. I also kept a few clients in Chicago and elsewhere. While living in SD I regularly worked with MACSD, UCSD and The Birch Aquarium at Scripps , WorldBeat Center, The Nat and many more.

We left San Diego in August of 2016 for a fairly epic journey where we traveled, I went back to school for a year and a half and my partner and I started a small design and laser manufacturing business.

It's now May 2019 and we've relocated to Baltimore, MD, where we have purchased a small building in Mount Vernon to use as our design studio and laser workshop.

We are super excited by all of the possibilities that lie ahead and I'm very excited to find a new job, interesting projects, collaborations, museum partners and more!